The Entech-WtGas-RES™ is the core technology of our company.  Our technology is protected by worldwide patents and is described below.


The Thermal Degradation Spectrum

The Thermal Degradation Spectrum
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Graph Representation of the Thermal Degradation Spectrum
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Reference-Per the ENTECH-WtGas-RES™Alternative ENTECH-WtGas-RES™-
Process Air Input (*)Nil15% - 30% of stoichiometric (**50% - 60% of stoichiometric (**)200% - 250% of stoichiometric (**)
Process Temp. (*)≈ 550°C≈ 600°C - 875°C≈ 1150°C - 1275°C≈ 850°C - 1000°C
By-ProductFuel oil-like CnHn hydrocarbon vapoursMethane-like gases high in CO, CH4 & CnHn hydrocarbons Gases high in CO & H2Oxidised off-gas
By-Product NameDistillateSyngasSyngas-
By-Product VolatilityHighHighHighNil
By-Product UsesFuelFiring for renewable energy or refining/synthesis into biofuel (***)Firing for renewable energy or refining/synthesis into hydrogen fuelHeat Recovery
Available as a Fuel SourceYesYesYesNo
Typical Fuel Uses Diesel power generators or enginesDiesel power generators or enginesGas power generators or engines-
Typical Emission Impact Emissions are similar to firing of fuel oilSyngas firing emissions are cleaner than firing of most fossil fuelsSyngas firing emissions are cleaner than firing of most fossil fuels Combustion / incineration emissions are politically sensitive
(*) Refer to Thermal Degradation Spectrum graph above for explanation of air and temperature relationships.
(**) Denotes percentage of air required for complete combustion.
(***) ENTECH™ is at the development stage of WtFuel projects in conjunctions with equipment suppliers that are experienced in syngas refining (via the Fischer Tropsch process).

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