The Beginnings…

Entech-Renewable Energy Solutions Pty Ltd (“ENTECH™”) is a privately owned company that commenced operations in 1990. With a “step-by-step” approach to gaining experience, an enviable international reputation has been gained over the last approx 30 years for successful application of the Entech-WtGas-RES™ technology to a wide variety of wastes/fuels including:

  • Industrial & Commercial Waste (ICW)
  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
  • Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)
  • Industrial and commercial wastes
  • Petrochemical wastes
  • Pharmaceutical wastes
  • Hazardous and biohazardous wastes
  • Including solid, liquid and sludge applications

A Company Ahead of the Times…

The road to full commercial exploitation of innovative technology sometimes isn’t an easy road to tread and at times in the past this has been the case for ENTECH™. That is, the company’s business of production of a non-fossil fuel alternative (syngas) to fire boilers and energy generating plants was somewhat ahead of its time. During most the 1990s the concepts of clean energy, renewable energy, greenhouse gas reduction, etc were issues of scepticism that were widely talked about, but rarely acted upon. As such, the early 1990’s market for the Entech-WtGas-RES™ technology was primarily driven by waste and not energy, that is, customers who had a need for waste disposal (i.e. the renewable energy generation aspect was mostly considered a side-benefit). This somewhat limited application to the 1-70 tonne per day project range; being mostly remote or environmentally sensitive locations (isolated communities, islands, etc), where the common and “cheap” form of waste management of haulage and landfill wasn’t available or possible. It was also a highly desired alternative to incineration, which has since become a solution of last resort.

Now the Technology of Choice…

Nowadays, however, the sustainable and renewable energy market has come full circle and clean-energy, renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction are issues of world-wide concern and action. WtGas technology is now a sustainable and renewable energy technology of choice by governments and industry alike and this is confirmed by a growing number of independent environmental studies and reports. The momentum behind sustainable and renewable energy is such that it’s supported by government incentives including grants, tax concessions and in some jurisdictions carbon credits.

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