WtWater is an optional stage of the Entech-Tru-RES™ for organic green waste.  It's available to recover the moisture contained in green waste (for water re-use) and at the same time increase the heating value (CV) of the feed to the WtGas system. The WtWater system is described below.


The WtWater system is typically fed by a variable speed screw auger directly into the inlet specially designed mass flow feeder which works in conjunction with a volumetric screw.  This device is extremely versatile and will process the most difficult materials.

The WtWater system process rate is controlled by a temperature instrument in the discharge duct of the dryer. This temperature determines the residual moisture of the product and is therefore used as the process set-point. Air and dry material leave the dryer through the exit duct and are fed to the integrated air quality control system.

Process Diagram

WtWater Process Diagram