WtRecycle is the first stage of the Entech-Tru-RES™ for MSW applications.  It’s a MRF (Mechanical Recycling Facility).  ENTECH™ will cooperate with existing MRF operators, or alternatively provide new MRF based upon proven designs that are currently in operation. The WtRecycle system is as described below.


Household waste is notoriously difficult to separate.  The WtRecycle system will be designed to take advantage of the differing physical properties of household waste components and achieve a mechanical pre-sort of the waste which when combined with separation and extraction equipment recovers high quality recyclable and re-usable materials.

The WtRecycle system is a mechanical system that separates household waste into its constituent part in a progressive manner. The system splits waste materials into dissimilar streams taking the paper and plastic film away in the first phase enhancing the performance of magnets, screens, trommels and air separators to produce extracted materials with minimal and acceptable contamination levels.

Unsorted MSW collected in the traditional weekly manner is processed through this system.  The WtRecycle system is not dependent on the goodwill and participation of householders to source separate elements of the waste stream, thus providing maximum convenience and participation by recycling the waste stream for them.

Crushed aluminium cans

Process Description

Household waste is made up of many elements with substantially differing characteristics.  When subjected to an input of energy, each component will have imposed upon it a velocity related to its physical properties.   Combining this feature with specially designed sloping surfaces over which waste is made to travel, individual materials migrate in different directions.  This enables separation to begin and is the basis for the design of the WtRecycle system.

WtRecycle Stage

Initial separation results in two primary streams:

Paper and plastic film.

These materials then go through further mechanical separation procedures extracting the two individual elements.

Rigid recyclables (glass, steel, aluminium and rigid plastic containers).

These materials also go through further mechanical separation procedures, extracting the individual elements.

The WtRecycle system can extract the following elements:

  • Steel
  • Aluminium 
  • Rigid plastics
  • Glass
  • Organic Fractions (if required)

These materials are suitable for immediate use as secondary raw materials.  Further sub division of the rigid plastics into individual polymers is also achievable. The modular design of the WtRecycle system provides the means to interface with all other processes currently used for collection, recycling and re-use routes for household waste.