World Leading Technology

The Entech-Tru-RES™ is world leading technology. This has been attested to in many credible independent and government reports. For example:

 It’s recognised as “Advanced Thermal Conversion Technology” by the UK Government power regulatory authority, the Department of OFGEM; which subsequently qualifies the technology to receive Renewable Obligations Certificates (the UK equivalent of carbon credits).
 It’s the 3rd highest ranked of over 216 worldwide technologies investigated in the 2004 Phase I "Conversion Technology Evaluation Report" by URS Consultants for The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works (pdf of the full report and other credible reports are available by contact to ENTECH™).

It’s confirmed as technology that can successfully permit and operate within the stringent environmental regulatory criteria of the South Coast Air Quality Management District, State of California; per the 2007 Phase II "Conversion Technology Evaluation Report" by the Los Angeles County Solid Waste Management Committee / Task Force (compiled after visits to operating plants and independent review by a multi-expert committee) (pdf of the full report is available by contact to ENTECH™). Review committee includes:

  • Various County of LA Department of Public Works senior staff.
  • Browning Ferris Industries.
  • North Valley Coalition (community group).
  • Bioenergy Producers Association.
  • Theroux Environmental Consulting.
  • Hacienda Heights Improvement Association (community group).
  • Southern California Edison.
  • Alternative Resources Inc.
  • Clements Environmental Corporation.
  • Holland & Knight LLP.
  • UltraSystems Environmental.