Strategic Partners

Seeking Strategic Partners For JV In Ethical & Economically Attractive BOO Investment

In State of the World 2008:  Innovations for a Sustainable Economy, researchers with the Worldwatch Institute highlighted:

  • In 2006, an estimated US$52 billion was invested in renewable energy sources, up 33% from the previous year.
  • Carbon trading is growing even more explosively, reaching an estimated US$30 billion in 2006, nearly triple the amount traded the previous year.


Renewable energy and other forms of bio-energy are possibly the impending vehicle for the stock markets next financial boom (following the likes of "'s" and more recently "bio-tech's") and as such, the ENTECH-Tru-RES™ technology presents an excellent low risk, economically attractive return to those that exploit its full commercial potential.

This potential stock market boom will be driven by sound economics, however ever-present shall be the ethical obligation to get behind and support technologies that provide multi-faceted protection of the environment and mankind's ecology.

ENTECH™ seeks expressions of interest from reputable companies that have a substantive presence in local regions and who have a firm strategy in place to invest in either:

  • Waste Utilisation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Carbon Trading