Economically Attractive

The Entech-Tru-RES™ is financially robust for ENTECH’s core business of JV development of privately owned projects.

The energy produced attracts premium prices, plus is always in high demand. Project financial analyses demonstrate attractive return on investment.

The Entech-Tru-RES™ is also financially robust for JV development with municipalities, per:

The highly credible 2007 Phase II “Conversion Technology Evaluation Report” by the Los Angeles County Solid Waste Management Committee / Task Force rated it as having the lowest gate fee ($/tonne) for any advanced thermal technology (the report written by the International Environment Consultancy URS evaluated over 216 worldwide waste management technologies).

Of significance, is that Entech-Tru-RES™ is unlike so many other waste utilisation alternatives that require government financial subsidies to attract sales for the products they produce and/or there is sometimes limited market demand for these products (e.g. compost, char, etc.).